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AI \Artificial Integrity\

The Path for the Future of AI

The concept of “artificial integrity” proposes a critical framework for the future of AI. It emphasises the need to architect AI systems that not only align with but also enhance and sustain human values and societal norms. 

Artificial integrity goes beyond traditional AI ethics. As AI ethics is the input, artificial integrity is the outcome advocating a context-specific application of ethical principles, ensuring AI’s alignment with local norms and values. 

Underscoring the importance of AI systems being made socially responsible, ethically accountable, and inclusive, especially of neurodiverse perspectives, the concept represents a deliberate design approach where AI systems are embedded with ethical safeguards, ensuring that they support and enhance human dignity, safety, and rights. At its heart, this new paradigm shift aims to apprehend a symbiotic relationship between AI and humanity, where technology supports human well-being and societal progress, redefining the interaction between human wit and AI’s capabilities. 

This article was published in The European Business Review

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