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The Yazid Chir Conversation

Yazid Chir’s career is driven by the aim of promoting equality of opportunity. He co-founded Be-Bound with the vision that a frugal mobile innovation would be a powerful mechanism for rebalancing economic inequalities and international development.

Be-Bound Augmented Connectivity is a patented technology that increases mobile/IoT coverage to reach 95% of the world population immediately, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure costs. Where problematic connectivity inhibits development, Be-Bound contributes to inclusive growth and sustainable development by bringing apps and IoT to areas that lack internet access. 

Yazid is also creator of “Nos Quartiers ont des Talents” ( ), an NGO that accompanies higher graduates from disadvantaged neighborhoods, helping them forge professional paths. With NQT, over 40,000 youth have found work.

Yazid was recently named named one of France’s top 100 influencers by the French journal l’Opinion.

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This video has been deleted.

Recorded in Fall 2021

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