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The Seth Dobrin Conversation

Dr. Seth Dobrin is IBM's first-ever Global Chief AI Officer and leads the entire corporate AI strategy. In his role, Seth is responsible for connecting the AI development and governance across IBM’s divisions with a systemic creation of business outcomes. 

He has also been a member of EY’s AI Advisory Board, a Senior Advisor to the Deloitte AI Institute, and a professor of philosophy at Colgate University and UNC-Chapel Hill.


Seth’s long experience in innovating enterprises through data and AI extends beyond IBM to many companies.​

By sharing his expertise, he has helped several Fortune 500 companies design and execute an AI strategy via a human-centered methodology that he has created. 

Seth has been named one of Corinium’s Top 100 Leaders in Data & Analytics 2022. He was also nominated AI innovator of the year in 2021 by winning the AI Summit award, which recognized Seth as a business leader who has trailblazed breakthrough AI solutions. 

He is also a board advisor for the network Women Leader in Data and AI, and a member of the board of the Responsible AI Institute.


Seth is the creator of a new human-centered methodology for designing and executing an AI strategy. The framework enables organizational transformation through a bespoke design-driven process that guides the prioritization and implementation of a well-defined set of AI initiatives that align with a company’s business strategy.

Thanks to his innovative work, focused on bridging the business value of AI to its technical execution through a human-centered approach, Seth is a prominent voice in the world of AI. He has been featured in major international outlets such as Inc. Magazine, Protocol, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The National, The Gulf News.

Before being appointed as Global Chief AI Officer, Seth led the digital transformation of IBM's Software business as Chief Data Officer. In that role, Seth's mission was to fundamentally change how the IBM Software unit operates by surfacing the data needed by the business to run more efficiently. 


His experience in transforming companies through data and AI, and his far-sighted vision make Seth a transformational leader that innovates business culture by advocating for diversity and inclusiveness. 

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The Seth Dobrin Conversation
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Recorded in Winter 2022 - 2023

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