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Book author: L'Impensée de L'Intelligible

Video creator : La Poésie Symphonique de l'Impensée (YouTube)


I began my career in the '80s at the Sherbrooke University and the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sherbrooke (CHUS) as a research scientist in the field of biochemistry (DNA enzyme) and pharmacology (immune reactions) by publishing eight (8) scientific articles and fourteen (14) abstracts.


My fourth top accomplishments are 1) CEO and co-creator of Quantisweb patented mathematical algorithms; 2) Initiator & co-founder of COOP Carbone ; 3) CEO of the Center of Excellence in Energy Efficiency (C3E), and 4) Administrator & co-founder of the CEQNICS (Complex Europe-Quebec for Numeric-Industrial Competitive Strategy) a European consortium (GEIE).


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Yvon Brousseau

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