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The Paolo de Rosa Conversation

As a kid, Paolo de Rosa had the chance to play with some electronic instruments of his father and his uncles. His favorite was the oscilloscope but it was immediately overcome by the arrival of the first computers, a Macintosh (Classic II) and a PC (8086 assembled).

He worked for several years at the University of Pisa dealing with many aspects of IT at the University. In particular, as a system administrator and network architect, he was involved in the reorganization of the networking infrastructure and the consolidation of computing resources (property fiber, data centers, etc). The research and experimentation environment within the University and the GARR community have allowed him to diversify and deepen his IT skills, especially on networking and distributed computing systems.

He started working for Canonical (Ubuntu) as a Dedicated Field Engineer within the Cloud for Telecommunications, working in some of the major telecommunications companies in Europe such as Deutsche Telekom. 

As an embedded engineer in telecom industry development teams, he was able to participate in the design and implementation of geographic (European) cloud infrastructures, based on Open Source technologies like Ceph, OpenStack, Contrail, Linux, etc., infrastructures devoted to virtualization of network functions (IMS, vCPE, etc). During his work with Canonical, he was able to address and deepen many of the issues the telecommunications industry is experiencing in trying to adopt cloud computing paradigms and consolidating existing infrastructure, including aspects related to new forms of work organization in IT domain like: devops, SRE, agile, etc.


Starting from 2017, Paolo has started working for the Italian Government in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers as Cloud expert first and then as Chief Technology Officer, supporting the public administration in the journey of digital transformation.

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The Paolo de Rosa Conversation
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Recorded in Winter 2021

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