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The Jean-Luc Vincent-Franc Conversation

Starting early 2018, as Vice President Digital Transformation, Jean-Luc Vincent-Franc took over the Skywise Program (The Digital Transformation Program of Airbus). He led Skywise from strategy to execution creating new data-driven services enabling dedicated marketing and go-to-market approaches generating shared business value for the entire Aerospace ecosystems.

Launched at Airbus to improve its operational performance, Skywise, in partnership with Palantir, unlocks new business models, thanks to “Digital Twins” and “Data Feedback Loop” concepts that was at the Core of the Digital strategy connecting data assets from Airbus, Airlines, Suppliers, Authorities and Partners.


In 2012, Jean-Luc led the A400M “Propulsion” program during 6 years (2500 FTE / 4.5B€), from customer negotiations up to in-service deliveries. This has enabled him to master the entire product life cycle: from design, manufacturing, production to delivery and support as well as maturity cycles, risk management, financials (P&L), sales & contracts management, compliance and relations with Institutional and Military clients.


From 1985 he accumulated more than 25 years of experience leading Information Systems management (CxO) in various industrial and international contexts: Banking, Space, Chemical, Healthcare and Aeronautics. Jean-Luc has led successfully ambitious transformation, development and improvement projects while securing operational reliability, functional and technical developments, data governance, compliance and information system security.

Jean-Luc is now leading the co-Founder of InDHu, a start-up aiming at unlocking growth through delivering data-driven value, faster.

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The Jean-Luc Vincent-Franc Conversation
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Recorded in Winter 2021

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