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The Dorothea Baur Conversation

Dorothea Baur is an independent ethics consultant running her own company, and an expert with many years of international and interdisciplinary experience in the field of ethics, responsibility, and sustainability. She acts as a strategic advisor to various banks, insurance and other companies. Her mission is to help decision-makers in tech and finance to align their business strategy with ethics. In the thicket of opportunities and risks she offers orientation and translates complex issues into a language geared to the target group. By doing so, she makes her clients credible and effective actors on non-financial matters and strenghtens the trust between organizations and their stakeholders. 

Dorothea is recognized as a leading voice on AI and ethics, she is influential on social media, and a popular guest in interviews, podcasts and webshows. Among other distinctions, she has been named as one of “100 brilliant women in AI ethics” (2020). Among other things she is a Fellow of ForHumanity, an organization working on the development of an audit process for automated decision systems, and Ethics Lead at Women in AI Switzerland. She teaches at various universities and is also a frequent keynote speaker. Dorothea is particularly passionate about interdisciplinary problems that simultaneously touch upon economic, social and political aspects and she is not afraid of controversies.

Dorothea studied Business Administration and International Relations in Zurich, Leuven (BE) and St. Gallen and did a PhD on NGO-Business Partnerships at the University of St. Gallen. Afterwards, she researched and taught at leading European business schools (e.g. ESADE Barcelona, Nottingham University Business School).

The Dorothea Baur Conversation
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Recorded in Spring 2022

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