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The Brice Challamel Conversation

Passionately curious and intentionally optimistic, Brice Challamel designs and delivers programs to help people and organizations reinvent themselves and embrace the future. 

In his current role at Moderna, as the Vice-President of Technology, Innovation and Transformation, he fosters an inclusive environment to build a shared vision for the future, supports the innovation culture and collaboration platform to achieve that vision, and identifies technologies that complement user's experience to provide the best outcome.

Prior to Moderna, Brice held roles in innovation and transformation with Google, the Boston Consulting Group, l’Oréal and as the Founder and CEO of Act One.

Brice is the author of several bestselling books on Creative Thinking, Innovation and Transformation, a former professor at HEC Business School and a guest lecturer at Stanford University.

About Moderna:

Deliver on the promise of mRNA science to create a new generation of transformative medicines for patients.

The Brice Challamel Conversation
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Recorded in Winter 2021

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