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The Arturo Franco Conversation

Arturo Franco is Senior Vice President Thought Leadership at Mastercard.

Arturo is a development economist and strategy consultant. His career combines high-level positions in Fortune 500 corporations and global organizations, with public policy and international development experience.

Before joining Mastercard, Arturo was a senior advisor for McKinsey & Company’s global public and social policy practice and executive director of the Planning Council of the State of Nuevo Leon, where he also served as Undersecretary.

Over the past years, Arturo has been Global Leadership Fellow for Latin America at the World Economic Forum, economics research fellow at Harvard University’s Center for International Development, nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies.


Arturo holds economics degrees from Monterrey Tec in Mexico and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, where he was also vice chair of the Alumni Board. His essays and books have been published by the Brookings Institution, the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars, the Atlantic Council, and the Policy Network.

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The Arturo Franco Conversation
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Recorded in Spring 2023

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