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The Albert Hu Conversation

Dr. Albert Hu received his executive management training in growth management and in influence strategy from Stanford Graduate School of Business.


Dr. Hu’s PhD work at MIT decades ago is among the first in applying machine learning (ML), using Bayesian epistemology framework, to cutting edge microelectronics/semiconductor processes.

That work has impacted the global semiconductor industry, and its IEEE publication is now the most cited article in its field according to Google Scholar in the past 25 years.


Dr. Hu was the only tenure-track faculty in both electrical engineering and mechanical engineering in San Jose State University in Silicon Valley, CA. After receiving $20 million in venture capital funding, he left university to become the founder, CEO, board director, and advisor of venture capital- and industry - funded companies in semiconductor, renewable energy, AI platform and e-commerce industry.


He is also a columnist on AI and machine learning for Asian Robotics Review, a leading publication on the largest robotics market today.


Dr. Hu now leads a mission-driven organization, SuperTech FT (STFT), staffed by teachers from the very largest tech firms such as Apple, IBM, Microsoft; and from bleeding edge venture capital funded startups. STFT has developed a digital education platform that can deliver globally the highest quality science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education using the latest advancement in telecommunication technology.


The same digital platform also enables remote hands-on STEM laboratories sessions. The hungry minds in remote villages, islands, rural regions, inner cities and in corporate headquarters can access teachers and laboratories in other parts of the world enabled by this digital education platform.


Dr. Hu and his teachers believe that the digital education platform they developed and started to use is advancing United Nation’s sustainability development goals (SDGs) on quality education (#4), decent work and economic growth (#8), and reduced inequality (#10).

The Albert Hu Conversation
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Recorded in Summer 2022

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